I look at this picture and I cant help but smile, who knew such a ham would make such an impact on my life. When I came across Eddie on the petfinder page I instantly knew I wanted him, with only a picture and a 15 second video of him I was willing to take that risk; all the what if’s would fly around in my head, what if he pees everywhere, what if he tries to eat my cat, what if he tries to run away any chance he gets! BUT I had known deep down somewhere that it would be ok, I followed my instinct and “saved” him. He is in my eyes perfect. Breaks my heart knowing he was only days away from being euthanized. If I could I would save all of them, but we all know that is impossible, but what I can do is tell everyone what an amazing experience I have had rescuing him and its a feeling that I think you can only get when you do so, a feeling that is one of a kind. If you are thinking about it, follow your heart and DO IT! Every life is worth saving.