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Small Creatures Pet Clinic

24-hour emergency service is always provided by either the Small Creatures Pet Clinic or the Animal Emergency Clinic, located in Langley, 10 minutes from Walnut Grove.

At our animal care hospital, we appreciate and devote our time to your unique pet! We understand that is takes far more than simply medical ability to completely care for animals. It takes compassion and commitment, which is our pledge to you and your cherished family pet. We strive to provide you and your animal the best care possible. Small Creatures Pet Clinic provides emergency care for your animals, including cats and dogs, as an adjunct service to our regular veterinary services. Similar to a human emergency room and critical care facility, we are here to provide cutting-edge emergency and important care for all situations. Once your pet’s condition is stabilized you will return to the care of your regularly scheduled veterinarian.

Many customers question what the distinction is between a regular centre that is open 24 hours a day and a true Emergency Clinic. Unlike a routine clinic offering 24 Hr service, our Langley vet, Small Creatures Pet Clinic, is an extension of your regular centre that is set up specifically for emergency medication and surgery. There is at least one veterinarian on the premises throughout our business hours, experienced in handling critical care cases, so you can feel confident that your animal remains in great hands and will not be left alone overnight. We are geared up specifically for treating and keeping an eye on critical cases, and have the ability to supply services often not readily available at a regular veterinary practice.

Our staff are highly trained in emergency situation  care, and will certainly be able to examine your animal instantly on arrival. You will be able see a veterinarian as quickly as possible, depending on the nature of your beloved pet’s illness or injury. Our Langley emergency centre has been created to allow your animal to be comfortable and closely monitored while staying in our care and receiving cutting edge healthcare. Should your pet require emergency veterinary care, you can be sure that he or she will get the best possible services within our fully-equipped, modern-day, Langley emergency veterinarian centre.

Our doctors and staff are specifically trained in emergency support and our health clinic brings advanced diagnostic technologies, modern medical offices, and cutting-edge intensive care units together to provide you with the best. While we hope your pet will certainly never require emergency services, you can be ensured that Small Creatures Pet Clinic is here 24/7 to provide life-saving medical care when it is most required.

We are open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for all of your pet emergencies. Simply contact Small Creatures Pet Clinic today and we’ll be happy to bring your animal back to full health!

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