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After-Hours House Calls Available Our immaculate, friendly, community-based, Langley practice strives to provide superior service and care for you from day one and throughout your pet’s entire life. We provide 24-hour emergency service, and after-hours house calls are available when needed, including compassionate euthanasia.

A Personal Note from Dr. Jim Snyder
Humane euthanasia of a pet, without a doubt, is the single most difficult part of being both a pet owner and veterinarian/veterinary clinic staff. As a 1980 graduate, I have participated in many such procedures. I’m not sure it gets any easier with time. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I realized something that at least helped to ease some of the burden for me. It was actually a defining moment for me in my veterinary career. A few examples might help illustrate…

“Rocky” the beagle was lying on his favourite living room chair (throne) when I arrived at the Neufeld family’s home. Howard and Pat and son Mitch were in attendance. Older son Justin was looking in via Skype from Calgary. Just before the moment of injection, a tearful Justin asked from afar, “Dr. Snyder, is there a dog heaven?”

“Kaiser” Birkedal was a lovely black lab who just couldn’t help wagging his tail, no matter how old and tired and beat up the rest of his body might have felt. On his back deck on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon, “Kaiser” was, in his final moments, attended to by April and Glen and children Bradley, Brandon, and Courtney. He now rests in the back yard alongside his mother “Keisha,” whom he predeceased.

“Wally” (Walter) was lying within a few feet of the Christmas tree when I arrived to the Weir family home a few days before December 25th. Ian and Jude were there, as was their young daughter Amy. Clearly, if “Wally” had made it to Christmas, he would have been included in the festivities around the tree.

A couple of years ago, it occurred to me that as sorrowful as these moments are, they allow me as a veterinarian to witness an expression of the pet-human bond at its very best. Under difficult circumstances, it really is a privilege for me to be included in that celebration; I am honoured and consider myself to be very fortunate. Realizing this has sure helped ease my mind on providing such a service. I am moved by an owner’s loss of their pet, regardless of where it occurs or what the circumstances might be. The aforementioned examples are amongst many euthanasia services we have provided for dogs and cats and their special owners over the years. Every circumstance is very private and personal; we try to be mindful of that at all times.

House call euthanasia is just one of those choices. Best regards, Jim Snyder, DVM, Dipl. ACT.   If you are in need of an after-hours house call from our Langley animal care clinic, then please contact us today. We will treat our individual situation with respect and give your pet the dignity that it deserves.

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