As your pet grows, one thing remains constant: the need to see a veterinarian for a regular checkup just to make sure that everything is doing alright, that they aren’t running into any problems that require medical attention. Depending on the age of your furry friend, the frequency at which they need to see the vet changes. When you bring them in, we’ll go through a full physical examination, and ensure that your pet will continue to be healthy in the future.

Birth to 1 year

Kittens and puppies that are at this age require the most attention, and thus you’ll need to take them in the most. Until they are 16 weeks old, vaccinations are necessary every 3 to 4 weeks, protecting them from the common diseases that they will run into throughout their lives.

Dogs will receive shots for rabies, distemper-parvo, and other common diseases. Cats will receive shots for feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and other common diseases.

At 6 months, you’ll bring you kitten or puppy in to be spayed and neutered.

1 to 7-10 years

At this stage, your pet will be an adult, and require the least amount of attention. However, yearly checkups are still recommended. During these checkups, your pet will get a head-to-tail physical, checking every part of them to make sure that things are doing okay. During this time, if necessary, your pet may also get additional vaccination shots or booster shots depending on their needs.

7-10 years and older

Now, your pet is reaching their senior years. During this time, we’d recommend twice yearly visits. Again, they’ll get fully body physicals to keep them healthy, followed up by tests on found problems. Using blood and urine tests, we can determine the health of your pet’s kidneys, liver, their thyroid hormone levels, and other areas. Any irregularities in your pet’s behavior should be noted to us, as it may be signs that your pet is suffering in some way.

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