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Different Pets Have Different Needs

Every pet’s immunization needs may vary according to the many different diseases prevalent in their environments and the relevance of those diseases to their individual wellness. Your Langley veterinarian at Small Creatures Pet Clinic will help you evaluate these risks and address your pet’s specific vaccination needs.

Both young and old animals are the most susceptible to infectious disease. Multiple booster shots are generally required to achieve immunity in puppies, and good nutrition is an important consideration in achieving and maintaining immunity through vaccination. Easy access to a consistent supply of fresh, clean drinking water is also important for your pet’s good health.

Vaccination is Cost-Effective

Vaccination is a valuable preventive measure against infectious disease, and can help avoid potential illness and hardship for both you and your dog. It is a relatively inexpensive and safe way of preventing diseases that jeopardize the life of your pet and end up costing much more to treat.

Vaccination Reduces Overall Risk of Diseases

Organisms that can cause disease are prevalent in most pet populations. Fortunately, regular booster vaccination protects against outbreaks of disease caused by these organisms. Your participation in the process of regular vaccination of your dog protects your pet and helps protect the greater population of dogs in your community.

Pet vaccination offers the additional benefit of reducing the threat of zoonotic illnesses in humans. Rabies is the most important of these diseases.

Regular Veterinary Visits are Essential

You can rely on our Langley veterinarians as the best source of accurate pet health information. During your visit with us, your dog’s risk of disease will be assessed and an appropriate vaccination program will be recommended. Regular vaccination visits and physical examination of your pet go hand-in-hand with ensuring continued good health for your best friend.

Diseases We Vaccinate Against:


This is a fatal viral disease of all mammals, including dogs, cats, livestock, and humans. Infected wildlife and unvaccinated animals are the source of this virus. Rabies is a major health hazard, so it is extremely important that your pet be vaccinated against it. In many cases, vaccination is required by municipal law and for travel outside Canada.


Vaccination against distemper virus is essential for all dogs. Nearly every dog will be exposed to distemper virus in its lifetime, and when infection occurs, it is often fatal. Distemper virus attacks many body organs, such as the nervous system. Symptoms include listlessness, fever, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, and discharge from the eyes and nose. In its final stages, it may cause convulsions and paralysis. Death may occur one to three weeks after infection.

Contagious Respiratory Disease

Canine cough (or Tracheobronchitis) may be caused by several types of bacteria and viruses, resulting in infection and inflammation of the lungs and respiratory passages of dogs. Primary among these are Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza Virus, and Bordetella Bronchiseptica. The stress associated with boarding and increased exposure to these organisms commonly results in “kennel cough” in susceptible dogs.

In order to schedule a vaccination for your dog, simply contact our Langley animal care practice, Small Creatures Pet Clinic, today. We’ll be happy to see you and get your dog on it’s way to optimal health and wellness!

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